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AASECT Referral Directory

This AASECT directory can be used to locate and identify AASECT Certified Educators, Counselors and Therapists for education, counseling or therapy purposes.

Los Angeles Institute for Pelvic and Sexual Health

Dr. Dubinskaya is the founding physician at the Los Angeles Institute for Pelvic and Sexual Health in Beverly Hills, CA. She has sculpted a multidisciplinary haven that stands as a testament to her visionary approach to women’s sexual health and wellness.

The Pleasure Project

The Pleasure Project promotes sexual health through an emphasis on ‘good sex’ and by focusing on one of the primary reasons people have sex – the pursuit of pleasure.

Inspirit proudly endorses The Pleasure Project 

Pleasure Principles.

Dr. Ashley Zimmerman


A robust guide and resource center for pelvic floor care and health. Follow Dr. Ashley as she navigates self-love, self-care, sexual wellness and pelvic floor health. 

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

NSVRC provides research & tools to advocates working on the frontlines to end sexual harassment, assault, and abuse with the understanding that ending sexual violence also means ending racism, sexism, and all forms of oppression.

NU Sex Therapy Blog

Amazing blog and resource from one of our favorite experts, Emily Fitzpatrick, MSW, LSCW, that addresses some of your most pressing questions about sex and sex therapy.

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